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jimmy's mom is hot

On Friday May 9th Jimmy and co-host Wolverine introduced the hottie that is Jimmy's Mom.

Pink, it was love at first sight.
Jimmy visited his mom via satellite for Mother's Day. I was expecting an old Italian mother, not this babe.

Check out those goods!  Has she got a nice pantry or what?

Of course, my one nemesis in my new plot to marry Mrs. Kimmel is Mr. Kimmel.  But I haven't given up hope.  The radiation emitting from the laptop is bound to result in impotence or testicular cancer, thereby opening the door for new suitors.  I figure he'll be out of the picture in thirty years or so.  Then I can swoop in and claim his lovely bride for my own.

Bwa ha ha ha!  Little does he realize that she'll be mine!

When can we smoke it???

Jimmy's Mother's Day gift was a giant Saddam Hussein-style picture of Jimmy's head, just like the one I keep stapled to the ceiling above my bed.... only I think he's wearing clothes in this picture.

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