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Unless otherwise stated, video is in WMV format. Most videos do not include sound.  I strongly suggest you right-mouse-click and "save target as" to your hard drive before playing them.

Wrong Door #1 (294kb)
Jimmy, distracted by pizza, tries to go into the wrong entrance.

Wrong Door #2 (221kb)
Distracted by falling Jackson kids, Kimmel passes the entrance.

Ghost #1 (77kb)
As the interns talk about their ghost experiences, a shape appears on the screen behind one.

Ghost #2 (75kb)
A head on camera behind Kathy Griffin

Banned Mouse (102kb)
ABC censored this for the West Coast broadcast. Evidently they didn't want the mouse on the show.

Fat Cupid (92kb)
On Valentines Day, Tad wore a cupid outfit and danced around Jimmy.

Fat Cupid #2 (93kb)
Similar to above.

Paul's Fan Site (3,024 kb)
A 40 second DIVX movie of Jimmy showing my site on the show.  You must to be able to decode DIVX movies to view it... otherwise don't bother downloading it.

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