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Contribute to Adam Carolla's New Movie, Road Hard! Adam's movie The Hammer was critically acclaimed.  If you haven't seen it yet you can get a copy on Amazon.  (That's Carolla's affiliate link, so using it will help to keep his pirate ship alive)  There are still some cheap packages left, but you have to act fast before they're all sold out.  You can get a copy of the movie (DVD or Blu-ray), a t-shirt, and your name will even appear as a contributor at the end of the movie.  WHAT A DEAL!

Listen to Adam Carolla's Podcasts!  They are really good and free. He does use occasional profanity though, so I don't recommend listening to it at work. You can download them all at AdamCarolla.com.



JKL continues to improve and its viewer ship continues to expand.  When I started this site I was starting college I think, and had a lot of free time.  Moving across the country, getting a job/wife/child/mortgage has severely influence the amount of time I can spend on the site.  I'm still a huge Kimmel fan and watch just about everything he does, but I the site isn't updated *nearly* as often as it once was.  If you have stuff you'd like to contribute to the site though, let me know.
I live in the middle of nowhere (If you've seen Call of the Wildman, I live pretty close to Turtleman) so I don't have high speed Internet, which really puts a damper on my editing of the website.

Most announcements will be made on the JimmyKimmel.net forum.† If you have something you'd like to share with other Jimmy fans, or have a question, feel free to post it there.

be on tv

Jimmy Kimmel Live is/was accepting funny or amusing videos from viewers.†They've been advertising it on the web site for awhile. If you have something that you think will be great for the show, fill out the General Name and Likeness Release and the Material Release (so you can't sue them for using it) and mail the tape to:

†††††††††††† Jimmy Kimmel Live!
†††††††††††† 12:05 AM Productions, LLC
†††††††††††† 6834 Hollywood Blvd., 6th Floor
†††††††††††† Hollywood, CA 90028†

about the site

This page is dedicated to Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy currently hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, weeknights at 12:05 AM.† He created and hosted The Man Show with Adam Carolla, and co-hosted Win Ben Steinís Money with Ben Stein from the show's inception, until September 7, 2000 (370-something episodes).† Before television, Jimmy had a radio career. I started this page because I had a lot of Jimmy material, and thought Iíd share it with the world.  In 2004 Kabrina was kind enough to redesign the site.  She's been the site's biggest contributor, and is responsible for most of the new stuff this year.

I get most of my Jimmy Kimmel news from outside sources, so if you know of an interview, web chat, TV appearance, etc. please email me (my name is Paul and I'm at jimmykimmel.net) with the info so I can post it here.

legal stuff

I'm not gay.† Also... This is a non-profit web site, which has a sole purpose of informing and entertaining those interested in Jimmy Kimmel. Material from this site was gathered from a variety of sources. If you hold the rights to any material on this page, and desire that it be removed, please email me and Iíll take the material down or modify it to suit your desires.


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