Intro by Eric -

This page is dedicated to the Karl Malone skits seen on "The Man Show" on Comedy Central. The skits originated from Jimmy Kimmel's radio show in Los Angeles when Jimmy would do a Karl impression. There are even CD tracks of the show that feature Karl Malone on them. When the Man Show hit the airwaves, it wasn't until the 2nd season in which the Malone sketches were introduced, in which Jimmy started with a segment about how Karl was his favorite basketball player and how Karl had a philisophical mind. This first sketch was entitled "Karl Malone On Becoming A Man", which had Jimmy doing Karl in full costume for the first time.

The Karl Malone skits have basically been a forum to exploit a proposed stupidity of Karl's. It is not understood if there is validity to the real life Karl Malone, but some of the issues are references to real-life events. Such as the NRA skit, as the real life Karl was criticized for buying a concealed weapon. It is very unkown if the real Karl feels this way on issues, but ignorance is a strong focal point with both Karl Malones.

The skits start with Karl Malone standing alone on an empty basketball court. A basketball is bounced/passed to Karl. The one who passes is assumed to be "John Stockton", Karl's long time teamate. Karl holds the basketball the whole time, usually moving it around as he speaks and then dribbling it at the end. Karl wears a jersey that says JAMZ, used to avoid a lawsuit from the real Utah Jazz.

The Karl Malone character is incoherent, ignorant and grammer-laden. I have misspelled and misused many words in the scripts because Karl says it that way. For example, in the Death skit, Karl says "reintardation" instead of "reincarnation". Karl also uses lots of redundancy in his speech and also muses to himself while making jokes. Karl also has a tendancy to leave off the letter "s", which leaves him to says things like Backstreet Boy and Garth Brook.